A study published in 2001 and showed with great evidence that the first cause of obesity of American children is the usual consumption of soft and sugary drinks.
Followed by numerous prospective studies that confirmed the observations also on adults.​

"The big food corporations rose up!
The WHO (World Health Organization)

was forced to sweeten (sic) the recommendation switching to a more general one, to reduce the consumption of sugar."

Source: Prof. F. Berrino

Today the WHO recommends not to exceed the consumption of 25 g of sugar per day in adults and recommend to avoid its consumption to children.

Despite these recommendations the daily amount consumed often reaches and exceeds 80g.

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Human Being is "preprogrammed" to look for sweet: in ancient time this helped to recognize poisoned food from good one.
It is then reasonable to assume that mosto of initiatives to stop or drastically reduse its use will not have a long-lasting success.


Which solution is more effective in contrasting glucose rise? 

The only claim aproved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) regarding the power of a soluble fiber able to reduce the glucose rise, is referred to Arabinoxylans (Ax).

Arabinoxylans are linear polymer made by numerous xylose units, tied one to another, and linked to some arabinose (pentose) and because their basic structure is constituted by pentoses the arabinoxylans are called also pentosans

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