erbe naturali


Allies to control the level of sugar in blood.

They are part of the hemicellulose group, found in cereals and some other plant species.
They may be insoluble or soluble, but soluble ones especially, have beneficial effects on human physiology.
Their ability to absorb water and increase viscosity in the gastrointestinal tract is the key to their beneficial properties.
EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) confirms that arabinoxylans and betaglucans reduce post-prandial glycaemic elevation.



Selection and synergies

Through a patented extraction technology we can select, from the plant matrices, only the most effective arabinoxylanes and soluble beta-glucans, having identified their optimal molecular weight maximizing glycaemic control and their synergy exploited.
Finished fermentation techniques exploit arabinoxylans and beta-glucans as a nourishment of microorganisms that transform them into post-biotic bioactive with high anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial for the microbiota.

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